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Cookies London Pound Cake 75 2g HHC Blunt

Cookies London Pound Cake 75 2g HHC Blunt

Set your session off with Cookies HHC Blunts. Our fully psychoactive HHC Blunts are inspired by your favorite Cookies flavors and packed with HHC-infused whole bud CBD and CBG flower. Rolled in a premium hemp wrap and finished with a glass filter tip for an even burning, smooth smoke, heavy hits, and a long-lasting euphoric experience.


London Pound Cake 75 HHC Blunts feature a sweet, fruity, and gassy aroma paired with soothing minty menthol and musky OG flavor. London Pound Cake 75’s sativa-hybrid effects make this blunt ideal for a weekend wake-n-bake or chill mid-day sesh.

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